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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dollar Spot Magazine Holders!

Just dropping in to show off my latest obsession... Target Dollar Spot Magazine Holders!  They are cardboard, but they seems very sturdy, and the designs are adorable.  There is even a grey design for the boys.  I bought 5 today for myself, but I think I will go back tomorrow and gather more for my students for next year.

A sweet fan on my Facebook page (are you following?!) suggested reinforcing the bottoms with packing tape, and I love that idea.  Go grab some!  Every teacher loves these things, right?


  1. I was planning a trip to Target this weekend and the magazine holders and now number one on my list!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Melissa :)

  2. Love these!! totally have to go stop by a Target now to get them!! Thanks for sharing! Can't beat the Target Dollar Spot!

  3. Those are adorable!! Target Dollar Spot is the best!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  4. Either our Target is already out, or they don't have them yet... I really want some for year-end organizing! :)