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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{EASY} Holiday Food for Bigger Kids

I have big ambitions when it comes to Christmas food and baking.  I have ideas out the wazoo (well, okay, I have pinned ideas like crazy), and I used to bake dozens upon dozens of treats for my husband's corporate Christmas events.  My house is decked with holiday cheer, and like I mentioned in my last post, I try as hard as I can to encourage a little holiday fun at school.  But, here's the thing...I have two 2-year olds running around, and Christmas with toddlers may be the best experience I have ever had.  I don't want to miss a second of it.  So, as I have been looking for great holiday treats to make for my class and kids, I have been seeking out inexpensive, easy (read: not time consuming), and appealing to big kids.  Okay, all food is appealing to big kids, but I tried to find goodies that they wouldn't pretend to scoff at. Here's are some of the treats I compiled over the last few weeks while searching on Pinterest.  I can't wait to assemble some and bring them to school!

Snowman Popcorn Cups from Creative Kids Snacks

(The kid in me REALLY wants to eat some of that powdery goodness!)


What kid wouldn't love this?!

Oreo Snowmen
They even make chocolate covered Oreos these days, which increases the ease by one thousand.

If only my high altitude brownies would come out of a pan so nicely...

Grinch Kabobs
SO cute!

Before you go, don't forget to check out my original Holidays for Upper Grades post.  Several fabulous bloggers have linked up with great ideas and freebies!  And, stop by tomorrow to see the gifts I have put together for my sweet students as well as some of my favorite ideas!


  1. This is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing all of these great snack ideas. I've just pinned this for later!

  2. I just LOVE the compliment ornament idea for kids! What a sweet, inexpensive, and fun gift! Thanks for sharing :)

    Kelly Anne