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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

{Peek of the Week} A Peek into Sunny's 4th & 5th Grade Classroom

I have been receiving a lot of submissions for Peek of the Week, and I continue to be amazed at your willingness to share your classrooms (and all your hard work) and the way you have all made your classrooms your own.  They are all beautiful, in every way.

I am truly overwhelmed with the response to Peek of the Week, and please rest assured that if you have submitted pictures, you will be on the blog soon! :)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Sunny.  Much like her gorgeous name, her classroom is light, bright, and airy.  And super organized. Looking at pictures of her room makes me want to curl up with a good book in one of her many cozy spaces.

Sunny actively posts pictures of her classroom on her Instagram account (@teachersunny).  There are so many wonderful ideas there, so be sure to follow her for even more classroom inspiration!

**I apologize in advance for the number of times I use the word "love" in this blog post.  I just have a whole lotta love for this sweet space!

Look at this super cozy classroom!  If you have room for a couch in your classroom, I so highly recommend it.  Students love it, and it is a great reward or incentive, too. 
Student couch and library view
I loved seeing the inside of her cupboards.  They are so organized, yet so realistic to keep up with.  Sometimes I see organized pantries on home decorating blogs, and I think, "WHAT! There is NO way I could ever keep that up."  I didn't feel that way when I saw this cupboard.  Love it!

Organized Classroom Cupboards
Sunny was lucky enough to get 10 Chromebooks from Donor's Choose.  Here is how she stores them.  (I keep noticing the sweet little decorations Sunny has all over her room.  They are so simple, but they add such a touch of home to her classroom.)

Chromebook Storage
I love this organized library!  She said, "Library organization inspired by LadyBug Files. 6 out of 23 bins of books plus more! I'm a hoarder of books!" 

Sunny's Organized Classroom Library
Here is a picture of her library in the process of getting organized.  It is such a huge job, but a classroom library is so worth it!
Sunny working on Organizing her Classroom Library
I should have called this one the Ikea classroom! :) She sure has made the most of their inexpensive and sleek-looking furniture. She wrote, "Pushed two $7 ikea side tables to make an area by my rug where students can turn in or take assignments or graphic organizers with them as they leave the carpet. And it has pencils for student who forget to bring one to take notes with at the carpet." 

Classroom Carpet Side Table Organization

Sunny said her students really enjoy reading at this window bench area.  Look at all those trees out her windows.  I think I'd love it, too!
Student window seats
 This is a great alternative to the expensive seat pockets from school supply companies.  Sunny wrote, "Felt chair booties and Home Depot chair pockets. I simply sewed the straps together and made sure it for snugly on the chair. Works well for chapter books!"  

Chapter books are forever getting lost and covers get bent when they are stuffed in a desk.  What a great idea this is.

Chapter book chair storage
Such a cook DIY classroom calendar Sunny made!  She said she used a $7 Ikea frame.  So easy to switch out the numbers and write important dates each month... and it looks great, too!
DIY Classroom Calendar
Yes, yes, yes!  Homework turn-in folders.  What a fabulous idea!  She stapled folders to the walls and put each student's number of a folder.  She can easily see who did and didn't complete their homework.

Homework Turn-In Folders
The desk in the corner of the next picture is actually a student teacher desk.  What a wonderful idea to give them their very own space, and make it look like a part of the classroom.  Not to mention it's super functional for students when there is no student teacher!  The small table in the middle looks like a great place for students to gather and read a novel together.
Student Teacher and Supply Area
 Here is another little organized space in her room.  Sunny said, "Ladybug Teacher Files again with the student drawers. I use them as reading drawers that hold their books, notebook, highlighters, post-its for readers workshop. I have one for each student. "

Student Organization
I remember when I first organized my math manipulatives and made them accessible to students.  It made life SO much easier, and I absolutely loved watching them in the midst of work walking over, grabbing a helpful manipulative, and solving a problem on their own.  It really taught them to be resourceful, and it made planning so much easier, too!
Sunny's Organized Math Manipulatives
 Look at her organized desk!  I am loving this!

Sunny's Incredibly Organized Desk Drawer

I love that Sunny has a picture book display in her classroom, even for "older" kids.  They absolutely still need those picture books, and let's face it--they still LOVE them!
Sunny's 4th & 5th Grade Picture Book Display

Binder Organization

Every teacher needs a little corner of the room for themselves!  This is Sunny's sink area and where she makes her coffee.  I love the fresh flowers.

Sunny has a clever alternative to the great, big teacher desk that so many of us are familiar with.  She wrote, "My desk area. Got rid of the big ugly teacher desk from the district and got myself a small ikea desk that is functional."  I love it because she still has a landing place for all of her teacher things, but it doesn't dominate the room.

Sunny's Teacher Desk Area
I love her 12th Man Flag!
 Thank you again, Sunny, for sharing your classroom with us!  It's absolutely wonderful.


  1. Loving this "Peek of the Week" what a fun idea! I am a theme based teacher so my room is always changing themes with our history units, but there are so many cute ideas I can find in some of these rooms that can fit :) Thanks for doing this!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I don't just want to go to school here, I want to live here!


  3. Can she come decorate my classroom! I Love love love love love love super LOVE it!!!!

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