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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

{Peek of the Week} A Peek into Courtney's 5th Grade Classroom

Peek of the Week is back, and I have so many beautiful classrooms to share with you!  I have been on a little blogging hiatus over the summer while spending quality time with my family, and it has been so wonderful!  Alas, it's time to get back into the swing of things, and I'm thrilled to share Courtney's 5th grade classroom tour with you!

I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney from the blog Ramona Recommends while in Las Vegas for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  She is as sweet as can be and passionate about what she does!  She's also very patient with me, considering she sent me her pictures months ago!

Ramona Recommends

So, here it is.. Courtney's adorable classroom!

Courtney deserves major kudos!  She put together a beautiful classroom in a really short period of time.  She got her classroom just SEVEN days before school started, and it turned out so wonderfully! 

Here is a picture of her room right before the first day of school.

And a few more shots throughout the year.  I love all those windows she has!

What a fun grade book this is!  Whatever it takes to make grading more fun, you just have to do it! :)

I really like this Power Point that shows students exactly what Courtney expects.  It's always better to prepare kids ahead and get the results you are hoping for than do it over and over again.

Aren't these the cutest decorations her friends made for her?  LOVE!

Courtney is a big fan of task cards (love that!) and she has them displayed beneath her white board.  I think this is a great use of otherwise difficult-to-use space.

Here are Courtney's student assessment guides.  She has the students rate their understanding after every lesson or big idea.

I am a huge proponent of building community in your classroom, and student RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) are such a great way to do that.  They can do these for people around the school and each Friday, Courtney delivers the completed forms to the recipients.

I like this peek at her white board.  She has the Voice Levels (from Amy Grosebeck), Catch-Up, May Do, and Must-Do signs (so clever), table points, etc.

Here is Courtney's writing wall.  I love that she can change this throughout the year without having to take down the entire bulletin board!

Here's a look at Courtney's reading wall.  She has these awesome Talking with the Text posters and Reading comprehension posters from The Brown Bag Teacher.

Reading Bingo is such a cute idea!  She says students can pick up their book report form from this wall when they need a new form.

Thank you so much, Courtney, for letting us take a peek into your room!  I can't wait to see your classroom this year!


  1. Not sure if I'm the only one, but I can't see more than half the photos.

    1. Hi Morgan! Thanks so much for letting me know. The pictures should all be up now, even though those funky blue images are still there. I'm still trying to figure out how to get ride of those. Thanks again! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I cannot see any photos either.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. The pictures should all be up now, even though those funky blue images are still there. I'm still trying to figure out how to get ride of those. Thanks again! :)

  4. I cannot see any photos either.

  5. Most of the pictures are showing up, but quite a few are just a blue icon.

    This classroom looks so inviting! I love the focus wall!


  6. Where did she get the assessment signs and the RAKs posters? I would love them for my classroom!!

    1. Hi Veronica,
      Thank you so much for your questions! Both of these products are in my store. Here are the links....
      Assessment Cards--
      RAK- (I have few different ones, so here is the bundle to take a look at all of them)
      Thank you!
      Ramona Recommends

    2. Thank you so much!! I sent you a message on TPT!!

  7. Wow, she's so organized! Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure most of us are neck deep in classroom prep right now. I'm a visual person, so thanks for all the fantastic photos!

  8. What a great wall, Courtney! I resend it to my friends from, they want to implement this idea. I think it's also the way to keep students reading.

  9. Mary,
    Thanks for sharing Courtney's awesome room, I know it's a happy place where she pours her love into it. So great again meeting you in Vegas at our Primary Pack meet up.