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Math Activities

Please enjoy my collection of math activities and ideas. Click on each picture to be redirected a blog post featuring the math idea and other activities related to the topic!

Oreo Stacking Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Activity

Perimeter Area of Irregular Shapes

Line Plot Activities and Resources

Teaching Place Value: Practical and Engaging Ideas

Getting to Know You Math Freebie

Classifying Triangles 

Ratios Anchor Chart

Fraction Operations Project

Percents, Decimals, and Fractions + Freebie

Scientific Notation Anchor Chart

Comparing Costs and Nuts about Nutrition

Dividing Decimals Anchor Charts

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Activities and Freebies

Properties of Operations and Algebraic Expressions

Teaching Exponents Activities and Task Cards

Dividing Fractions Anchor Chart Games

Perimeter and Area Activities

Multiplying Fractions Activities

Our Latest Fraction Projects

Using Error Analysis in Math for Enrichment and Critical Thinking

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Activities

Angles, Angles, Angles

Line Study Take 2

Patterns and Coordinate Graphing

Multiplying Decimals Freebie

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplication Mastery Madness

Geometry Focus: Angles

Geometry in the Real World

Elapsed Time Strategies that Work

Geometry Focus: Line Study

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